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Pre-pay and  Save upto 25%

Basic Wash: (Only available via SMS offer) 
Text: PCMD to 512-598-5715
ars/Crossovers $25
​Trucks/SUV's $30

Mini Detail:
Car/Crossover $40 - Truck/SUV $50
HD Truck/3rd Row/Mini Van $60

Super Mini:​ 
​Coupe $89 - Sedan $99
Crossover/Truck/SUV $110
3rd Row SUV $120 - Mini Van $130

Looking for for a more thorough detail? Click Here!

CALL/TEXT anytime:  830-637-1165 

Our Basic Services (Super Mini & Mini) truly has to be logistically planned (Think UPS).  We send out SMS the day before (sometimes morning of) Letting opt-ins know know the wash route is available in their area. When you respond with only the word...  ME   you are opted in for the next day. The morning of, you will get an SMS with a 2 to 3 hr time window. If it does'nt work for you, simply let us know and we'll catch ya the next go round. It has to be automated as much as possible. Think of it this way, a trip to your location (time and fuel) unpacking, washing and packing and driving again. It has to go from A to B to C etc... Till were done. We can not back track on this route, Like going to A then to D then back to B. (there is more of a cushion for slight backtracking on the Super Mini) The night before (or early am) we use our routing software to route everything and then that's when the magic starts (The text with your time window) ... Again, if the time doesn't work, just let us know.... No hard feelings at all, well catch ya the next go round! Also SMS being sent out day before is because we don't schedule in advance, we've discovered last minute work best for this package. So the ability to call and say put me down for Wednesday, just doesn't work. OCASIONALY I will take same day calls when were a bit short on our spots. 

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