Boats, Jet Ski & RV's:  Whether its a Kayot, Hurricane, Chaparral, Sea Ray, Pontoon or ANY other boat or RV or 5th wheel, we got you covered!! 

Our typical Boat: Exterior wash, water line, calcium, removed,  Marine restoration wax or Griots sealant, machine polish Interior fully vacuumed, all compartments cleaned out, belongings removed and walls of compartments wiped down, all carpet cleaned and vacuumed,(stain removal) All vinyl and hard surfaces cleaned and dressed, all glass and chrome cleaned.

Seadoo, Jet Ski, Waverunner: Typical package consists of wash, water spots (calcium and mineral removal) One stage machine polish, marine restoration wax or griots sealant, all vinyl services and rubber footing matts cleaned and dressed. 

RV's: Our typical RV consists of exterior wash, black streaks removed, griots sealant or restoration wax and top dressed with UV dressing or waxed. Additionally many are machine polished. To get an accurate quote we need to know if the top is fiberglass or rubber coated. is the RV body fiberglass and gelcoat (does it chalk easily) or is it actually a painted surface & linear footage.

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About PCMD: PCMD was founded and established in 2012 by Joshua Yount, an 8 yr military veteran who holds those instilled military ethics & values. Honesty, integrity, professionalism & experience is brought to your doorstep (or work) everytime. We are 100% committed to the excellence of our service to you & your investment! Whether it be your Kayot, Chaparral, Maserati, F-150 or a Focus, each vehicle & each customer is treated with the same royalty! We have budgets to fit any needs & will make certain you get ONLY what you need or want. We are detailers not salesman! Give us a call today 830-637-1165

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