About PCMD: PCMD was founded and established in 2012  by Joshua Yount, an 8 yr military veteran who holds those instilled military ethics & values. Honesty, integrity, professionalism & experience is brought to your doorstep (or work) everytime. We are 100% committed to the excellence of our service to you & your investment! Whether it be your Kayot, Chaparral, Maserati, F-150 or a Focus, each vehicle & each customer is treated with the same royalty! We have budgets to fit any needs & will make certain you get ONLY what you need or want. We are detailers not salesman! Give us a call today 830-637-1165


Neat Freak
Full interior & exterior package for vehicles that are not neglected. Its for all of the protection and to help maintain its best possible appearance.  If your vehicle is dusty and dirty then this is a perfect fit!

• YOUR LOCATION (work/home) • Hand Wash • Hand Dry • Si02 Ceramic Spray (enhance shine & protection) • Bug Removal • Tires/Wheels Cleaned • Tires Dressed • Vacuum • Wipe Door jambs & Frames • Dress Interior Surfaces  (UV protectant) • Condition Leather • Clean Windows

2 Door Coupe....$80   Sedan....$95   Crossover, Truck & SUV....$110    
3rd Row SUV/HD Truck....$125   Mini Van....$140  
(Save  on Recurring Service)

Pristine Clean Package
Pristine Clean Package: Starts at $130 and is the package for Moderately neglected vehicles  as often as we should. 
Kick Marks or Dingy Vinyl, light to moderate stains and spills, tar on paint, dingy leather, pet hair. All of this and more will be covered on the Pristine Clean.

YOUR LOCATION (work/home) •  Spot Free Wash • Bug  Removal,Tar Removal • Tires/Wheels Cleaned • Spray Wax • Hand Dry • Tires Dressed • Ext. Trim Dressed w/ UV Protectant • Thorough Vacuum  • Clean All int. Hard Surfaces • Dress All Hard Surfaces w/ UV Protectant • Upholstery/Carpet Spot Stain Removal • Leather Cleaned & Conditioned • Disinfectant  (Germicidal, Viricidal & Fungicidal) • Wipe Door jambs & Frames • Clean Windows

2 Door Coupe....$160    Sedans....$175   Crossover/Truck/SUV....$195
3rd Row SUV....$225    Mini Vans....$255

Top Shelf VIP Pkg

Neat Freak Pkg Plus (+)
1) Clay Bar/Paint & Glass Decon  2)  Paint Enhancement/ Polish w/ SiO2(ceramic based) AIO Polish 3) Windshield Sealant
4) Qtip Emblems 5) Exterior Trim Dressed

Clay washing paint consists of a separate wash with a clay pad. It pulls contaminants (that can't be washed away) such as overspray, particles of sap,
industrial fallout, etc. from the vehicle & leaves the paint glass smooth . A  1 stage polish is a light cutting/refinish that will remove
most swirls & minor surface scratches. Clay Treating = Smooth, Polish = SMOOTHER. THIS CREATES BIG SHINE! 

Coupe $160 - Sedan $180 - Truck/SUV/Crossover $200
3rd Row SUV & Mini Van $225
Ask about oue One Stage Paint Enhancement Polish/Correction 

Interior Portion ONLY of the Pristine Pkg
2 Door Coupe....$120    Sedans....$130    Crossover Truck SUV....$145
3rd Row SUV....$170   Mini Vans....$185

Other Add-on Services:
Headlight Restoration • Trim Restoration • Paint Correction 
​Wheel Polishing • MUCH MORE