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400+ Reviews • 8k Followers • Est. 2012 • Vet. Owned • Drug, Alcohol & Offender Free
(believe it or not... The last one is a big one I know! Feel free to ask me how)

Round here were as honest as Abe. You will get what you pay for. Pet peeves are fine for realistic appreciative customers and regulars.

Round here, we preach the truth. We won't make promises and say we are the best.... Hell I don't know who is "THE BEST".... I can tell you this. If you hear someone tell you they are... RUN!!

Round here we don't play games. We'll be your friend, you favorite detailer or a good acquaintence. But professional detailers don't play games.... A good detail ain't cheap and a cheap detail ain't good.

Round here, we're filled with positive vibes and encouragement. We highly encourage you to go to any detailer you wish. We also encourage even more that you ask your friends, relatives, coworkers etc. before paying that other guy. You'll likely be glad you did. In the end your happiness is what is most important. No hurt feelings if we miss you. 

Round here, we work from sun up to sun down (LITERALLY) from March to October.... If you call and I don't call you back for a day or 2, please don't get upset. We're busy cause well.... we're good. I never said the best. Did I mention honest too.  If you text us.... you'll likely get a much faster response. 830-637-1165

Always Inquire before you hire!

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About PCMD: PCMD was founded and established in 2012 by Joshua Yount, an 8 yr military veteran who holds those instilled military ethics & values. Honesty, integrity, professionalism & experience is brought to your doorstep (or work) everytime. We are 100% committed to the excellence of our service to you & your investment! Whether it be your Kayot, Chaparral, Maserati, F-150 or a Focus, each vehicle & each customer is treated with the same royalty! We have budgets to fit any needs & will make certain you get ONLY what you need or want. We are detailers not salesman! Give us a call today 830-637-1165