Terms Of Service

Scheduled Time: (a)Given the nature of our work, each vehicle is different and some require more attention. In no way, can we guarantee appointment times. (b) Our scheduling system is designed to accommodate your schedule/needs to the best of our ability, scheduled times do change and in some extreme cases, cancellations do occur as well, we ask that you be understanding and know we always strive for customer satisfaction.

Condition of Vehicle (Neglection):
 The condition of the vehicle, if neglected may incur extra charges. This applies to about 5% off the vehicles we detail. When extra charges are added, they are typically between $20 to $40 and you will always be notified before we start.
Wash & Wax: This packages does not include ANYTHING on the interior, nor door jambs and frames, nor any UV protectant dressing applied to any of the exterior Trim. If your vehicle has a slightly large ammount of tar or lots of bugs in the clear coat (as it is time consuming to remove) you may want to consider getting a full exterior.

Hand Wash: This is a basic hand wash fortified with wax to add shine and protection. This meant for frequent washers to keep the exterior of vehicle presentable. If you have a seriously neglected, muddy vehicle or if its covered in baked on bugs, then you may want to consider getting an exterior detail. Included is a hand wash, hand dry, tires and wheels moderately cleaned. 

Maintainer Detail: This package is meant more for those who are very particular with their vehicles and maintain them well. Pictures may be required for new customers. PCMD will not put our name on to something that we are not happy to show off. If we fill your vehicle would not look good with a maintainer detail we will not be able to perform this package on your vehicle. This package is basically the full Pristine Clean Package but meant more for preservation and upkeep and not the makeover. Lots of stains, lots of bugs on the front, lots of dingy spots on the interior panels, lots of gunk and messy oopsy accidents, then THIS PACKAGE IS NOT FOR YOU.  is more for upkeep and includes a basic wash, tires and wheels cleaned and dressed, All interior hard surfaces  wiped down with a UV protectant dressing, vacuum and windows cleaned  and wipe down leather with a leather dressing (if leather is present)  What IS NOT included in this package:   (a)Pet hair removal, stains in the upholstery, dingy spots on the hard surfaces.  Dressing will remove dust and light dingy dirt embedded spots, it is not a cleaning solution, it is a UV protection designed to add shine and protect from heat and sun damage, it has minimal cleaning properties. (b) Personal belongings in door pockets or any pockets/compartments will not be removed. 

Mini Detail: This package is the most budget friendly and less detail oriented. This is basically for that quick wow factor.  This is merely a basic wash with moderate bug removal. If the wheels have a neglection issue or the vehicle is covered in bugs, you may want to consider getting a different package. If you know your vehicle is extremely bad shape and you want that problem solved, this is not the package. This is a quick basic package, dust 'n dress means to remove the dust with a rag that has a water based UV protectant dressing in it. If the hard surfaces are dry, then a quick wipe will remove the dust but as it drys there is a chance streaks (uneven drying) may occur). We do not remove, bag up or move around any belongings on this package, so the less debris you have in the pockets and the better your vehicle will be dressed. If you have gunk (melted and dried candy in your cupholders, this WILL NOT be taken care of on this package! Windows... you can not get a guarantee streak/haze free window on any quick job, even depending on the climate. So do not expect perfect windows on this package, but because we are aware of this being an industry issue, we will do the best we can with what were doing. 

Truck Beds: The interior of truck beds are not included in any of our services. Truck beds vary so much, the majority are neglected with trash, leaves, dirt etc. If the condition of the bed interior is relatively clean, and you would like it washed/wiped down, please feel free to ask us.

Stain Removal/Upholstery Cleaning: There is no guarantee on stain removal, we are very successful with stain removal, I would say about 80% of the stains will go away, those that are left behind, most will lighten up tremendously. Dyes will not be removed, without redyeing the effected area. 
There are 3 methods to cleaning upholstery with pros and cons to each. 
1. Agitation (via power brush and stain removal cleaning agents) : The PROS, Dry to the touch within minutes, very effective with stains (not quite as good as extraction but better than steam) CONS, surface cleaning not deep (usually not an issue unless you have bad smells or spilled a crock pot full of food)
2. Extraction (aka shampooing)  PROS, Deep clean, best method for stains, good at killing germs. CONS, 3+hrs dry time, possibly risk of mold growth if windows left up and or high humidity levels
3. Steam: PROS, best for germs, virtually no dry time. CONS, not good with stains.    
----INCLUDED on PRISTINE CLEAN OR FULL INTERIOR IS THE AGITATION METHOD. WE OFFER EXTRACTION for an addiitional cost avg around $45 (depending on size of vehicle)   

Leather Cleaning
: Leather cleaning on a vehicle can take 15 minutes to an hr. If your leather is heavily soiled or dingy or you can see the pores darker than the raised surfaces... Thats because  months of oil/dirt/grime etc is built up on the leather. You would benefit from the Deep rich lather leather cleanse. The full interior and Pristine Clean pkg does include moderate leather cleaning. The conditioner has some cleansing surfactants in it and will clean light dirt and grime away, but if you white/damp towel it the towel will show dirt, especially if it is heavily soiled. IF YOU HAVE LEATHER PLEASE LET US KNOW.

Boat Detailing: Boat Vinyl mold results will vary, we are VERY successful at removing mold and mold stains but in no possible way can we guarantee that all of it will be completely removed. Results will vary but most often our results are night and day difference. IFyour boat is extremely oxidized or very heavily neglected, please let us know. By quote.... your honest description allows me to give a realistic price, not having a good description may yield results you are not happy with. There are times where wet sanding may be required along with multiple stages of polishing to get the shine you desire. HOWEVER, our typical one stage polish is usually sufficient with aprox 90% of what we do. Wake tower board racks are often times machined aluminum which can be etched VERY easily. Cleaning metals is usually sufficient, but sometimes again wet sanding and polishing may be what it takes to get the look you desire. Most (nearly all) marine carpet is rubber backing lined, that continuously flakes, please keep that in mind when the carpet is removed for cleaning the floor and replaced, once done, if you later peel it up, there will be flakes from the rubber lining. 

Headlight Restoration: Headlight restoration will bring about 85% to near clarity, of the remaining 15%, 10% will be drastically improved and about 5% will need not be to our satisfactory standards, in which case you will not pay! (b)headlight restoration will require to be waxed every 4 months (+/- 1 month) to maintain the clarity. When headlight are restored, they are sealed/waxed for protection, if they don't stay sealed, they will quickly haze again. WHEN you RE seal them, you do not need to pay for headlight restoration, we will wax (not restore) the headlights on a full detail at no charge or for additional $5 with the purchase of any additional service.

Limits to Service Area: We reserve the right to refuse to service to those out side of the city limits or far from populated areas. If this applies to you, you will be notified. We will either charge an added trip charge or if its to far out we may regretfully decline to serve you. As supply in demand changes service areas are likely to change as well.

Rain Check Policy: (a) Rain checks are available only for service that included atleast a wash of the exterior and was a total cost of atleast $80 (b) Rain checks are not available on boats, RV's or other recreational vehicles (c) Once the job is complete, if it rains, you may get a free wash on your vehicle. You must call within 48 hrs of completion  (d) Rain Checks may not be used  when a coupon/special offer or discount was used with original payment.

Bump Off Policy: Our schedules are very tight. If we get to your location and you are not there, we may or may not be able to wait on you. If you are to be bumped because you are not present we may at our discretion charge a cancellation fee (Below)

Cancellation Policy: We may at our discretion charge a $20 cancellation for any appointment that is cancelled within 12 hrs of scheduled arrival time. If we are running late and you cancel AFTER our scheduled arrival time, we understand and you will not be charged a cancellation fee, if we are not on time, we ask that you understand as each vehicle is different and some require more than others.

Payment Policy: Credit Card, Checks and Cash are all accepted payment forms. We do require payment upon completion. We require exact amount if paid in cash with the accept ion of any tips. 
Tipping: Tipping the crew is not mandatory but it is very much appreciated. Feel free to tip for excellent service.


(b) applies to boats as well
Wheel Wells: We will typically clean & dress the superficial parts of the wheel wells. But the wheel wells are not guaranteed on any service. (this is due to a huge range of expectations) Porous plastic/rubber surfaces, once impeded with dirt, day in and day out, will never appear new, black and shiny, though if your vehicle is maintained well and cleaned often, your chances of like new wheel wells greatly increase.
Wheels: Wheels will be cleaned of all superficial areas, this does not cover the area behind the spokes/superficial areas. If your wills are neglected and hazed beyond that of the norm. It would require machine polishing. Sometimes is it possible to remove the haze by hand and rag but through a very slow process, you are essentially polishing this, only not by machine. It could take you 30 minutes per rim or much longer. This is considered neglect and may not be haze free without purchasing a machine polish.
(b)Emblems, Tiny Crevices & Other Non Superficial Areas (QTIP DETAIL SERVICES): When cleaning/detailing a vehicle/boat/RV. We will get all superficial areas. If you are worried about taking the trim out to clean under it, or unfolding the door/window seal, to get deep into that crevice, or if your worried about the unpolished paint in that tiny fraction of inch surface area in the closed letters on the emblem, please let us know. We will be happy to meet your expectations, but we need to know your ideal realistic completion of service, so we may charge you the ideal realistic price.
Bugs Vs Bug Damage: Bugs and bug damage will appear identical to most people in most cases. The removal of bugs will be obvious but the bug damage left behind will still apear to be bugs. Vehicles that are neglected in this maner may have a couple of bugs missed as it appears as damage. Preventative maintenance will slow or prevent bug damage, such as washing frequently and keeping a hard paste wax on the vehicle.Bug damage is caused 1 of 2 ways, either the bug hitting the vehicle at higher speeds and literally imbedding into the clear coat or the bugs not being washed off immediately is a result of the acid from th bug remains (guts/acid) etching the paint. If your vehicle has lots of bug damage and this is a concern please feel free to discuss this with us as corrective action can be taken. The bug damage can be fixed by clay baring, wet sanding and machine polishing, in some extreme cases, clear coat may need to be reapplied.
(b)Water Spots/Damage: Water spots are caused by hard water deposits and pollutants in the rain. The rain/water dries and leaves behind deposits, pollutants and other harmful chemicals that may etch or otherwise cause damage to the clear coat. This does even happen to glass surfaces (windows). If you are concerned about water damage or spots, please let us know as further service will be needed to meet or exceed your expectation.  (b) Typically on marine craft a one stage polish will remove most if not all water spots, but a one stage polish, while it will ensure a night and day difference will not guarantee every spot to be removed. Again, not usually but it is possible that multiple stages are needed or perhaps even wet sanding.
Windows: Windows, will never perfect when cleaned in the hot sun. Also Due to vinyl out-gassing, haze may appear later (The conditioner put into the dash, door panels and other hard surfaces, releases slightly in a gas state, thus leaving a slight haze, USUALLY unnoticeable to most but very noticeable to those who detail every day) As well any cleaning agent has detergent or cleaning properties, and will leave a slight haze do to the heat/sun evaporating a good portion of the cleaner before it can be wiped. We do go over the windshield with deionized water to help rid the haze on Pristine Clean packages and greater. WE WILL NOT COME BACK TO TOUCH UP WINDOWS. Vinyl gassing can easily be wiped away with alcohol or water (or windex ONLY if you do not have after market tint.).