About PCMD: PCMD was founded and established in 2012 by Joshua Yount, an 8 yr military veteran who holds those instilled military ethics & values. Honesty, integrity, professionalism & experience is brought to your doorstep (or work) everytime. We are 100% committed to the excellence of our service to you & your investment! Whether it be your Kayot, Chaparral, Maserati, F-150 or a Focus, each vehicle & each customer is treated with the same royalty! We have budgets to fit any needs & will make certain you get ONLY what you need or want. We are detailers not salesman! Give us a call today 830-637-1165

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Engine Bay Detailing: While engine bay detailing isn't typically necesary... It can add value to your car, it looks great and your mechanic will love you for it!! Engine bay detailing can be done for an additional $35 to $45! 

Headlight Restoration: Don't spend $250 to $900 for a new set of headlights! You can get them restored to new or near new for a fraction of the cost!

The restoration is a multi stage process that consists of sanding/wet sanding, machine polishing and sealing.  The myth of bug spray is mostly false, the ingredients in bug spray act as an acid cleaner to the lens, eating through anything on the headlight while slowly eating the headlight. IT WILL END UP WORSE than before. Please do NOT use bug spray. Toothpaste will work with VERY VERY limited capabilities and unless your arm can move at 1500 rpms your going to be there for quite some time.

Our headlight restoration lasts and you can now see ahead of you on dark nites. 

$55 per set is a small price to pay for safety.

Trim Restoration: Unsightful faded plastic trim can be a thing of the past while increasing the value of your car. 

Fading is a result in UV damage by the sun. Restoration consists of massaging specially formulated UV protectant humectants back into the trim, resulting in years of age being added back to the vehicles trim. Quotes are required for trim restoration and can usually be quoted over the phone. Please feel free to call or text for your quote. 830-637-1165